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Telehealth 101

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth at Universal Practice is the provision of physiotherapy services, including physiotherapist guided exercise via video consultation. Telehealth technology enables us to deliver high quality physiotherapy care, outside of traditional face-to-face appointments. This can be achieved with a mobile phone, laptop or smart TV. 

A Telehealth physiotherapy consult will involve many of the things you are used to in a traditional physiotherapy consult - such as a detailed history, modified physical examination, diagnostic testing, assessment and management. 

Telehealth enables us to stay connected with our patients, keeping them moving and feeling good through this difficult time. 

How Does It Work?

You can book your Telehealth consult or clinical class online, just as you would book a face-to-face appointment, or you can call one of our studios. We will find a time that suits you, then email you a link to a Zoom meeting prior to your scheduled appointment time. You can then either download the Zoom program to your computer or simply click on the link which will open the video meeting in your internet browser. This will allow you and your physiotherapist to see and hear each other. 

This can be done on your smartphone, ipad or preferably on your laptop, enabling you to be hands-free throughout your consultation. 

Carly McConnell

Physiotherapist, Universal Practice

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