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Universal Practice at Home is an online platform enabling all ages and fitness levels to access the world-class Physiotherapy Classes of Universal Practice in the comfort of their home.

Expect professional, creative, results driven programs.

Get unlimited access to Pilates, Stability, Strength & Conditioning, Ante & Post Natal, +65 yr olds and Meditation online classes – all led by the Universal Practice Physiotherapy team. New sessions added weekly with different levels of difficulty to choose from.

Align yourself with one of our Clinical, Dynamic, Athlete and Ante & Post Natal Profiles for weekly schedules, best results and a curated approach.

Workouts and sessions range from 12-30 minutes, with complete with visual demonstration and guided cueing so you can be sure you are doing it right.  There is also a section aptly named "5 minute challenges" that can be teamed up with other workouts, done at the end of your run or when you need a quick break.

Universal Practice at Home can be accessed online anywhere, through your mobile device, smart TV or laptop.

Equipment is available for purchase to complement the sessions however is not required.


$49 per month,

3 month up-front sign up $125

6 month up-front sign up $220

Add to your at home experience by scheduling Telehealth - a Virtual Physiotherapy Consultation or Individual Class Session. These can be booked in 30 minute and 45 minute time frames and are accessed online through smart phones or computer.

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Universal Practice launched in Melbourne in 2016 as a first of its kind medical model - all treatments and classes are led by qualified physiotherapists, grounded in science and proven to work.  Universal Practice has three locations across Melbourne - Richmond, Fitzroy & Malvern Rd where we offer Physiotherapy, Pilates Strength & Conditioning and Yoga in an environment that feels good to compliment wellbeing.

Through Universal Practice at Home we now offer our expertise to you online, so you can access the highest standards of patient care in the comfort of your home. Get in touch to learn about our full range of services.

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