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Tai Chi and Holistic Health at Home

Stress and anxiety are becoming a point of topic in the current climate. Dealing with this whilst still maintaining your current work life/ retired balance is challenging. Tai chi has been found to have blood pressure reducing effects and holistic benefits a plenty! However: Many people at home will think tai chi needs to be structured and taught. Aspects of qi and the flow of this energy can be harnessed through deep breathing techniques and simple seated or standing exercise. A self-goal for the next hour could be: Can I consciously activate my lower limb muscle groups.

Try this by: In seated

Keep your feet on the floor and lift your toes: Feel the muscles through the front of your shin with this. Lower toes

Raise your heels: Feel your calf muscles. Lower heels

Lift your foot one at a time and pull foot under chair as far as you can: Feel the back of your thigh

Slowly extend your leg out fully: Feel the top of your thigh switch on

Lift your knee: Feel deep in your hip

With all of the above: You will have forgotten your stress: If only for a moment. To concentrate on your body and feel the muscles working. This flow of energy has had an analgesic effect on your muscles and ache’s and you can deep breathe knowing you still have control of something in this ever changing situation. Your own body!

Perform this every hour or every half hour

Refer to our Balance and Strength home program for small ways in which you can harness this calming movement to destress and lower your blood pressure over the coming days.

Ben Foster

Physiotherapist, Universal Practice

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